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July 2024
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Back Packing and Bug Out needs

In this series I am going to teach you deep woods wilderness survival.

I’ve lived in a back packing tent in 20 degree weather very comfortably. I can show you how. In fact, a back packing tent is easy to heat because it is small. With two people you might want something just a little bigger. The key is, Less is Best. You want to live small. The bigger you go the harder it is to supply enough wood to stay warm.

I’m going to share the things you need to live out of a back pack. At least as kitchen needs and such things. You may need something else to to put the tent, a warm sleeping bag and insulated ground cover such as a foam mat or even an air mattress. To stay warm in a tent in the winter you want your body to be elevated above the ground. If you lay directly on the ground with only a sheet of plastic or something similar the cold will transfer to your body very quickly.

I have two zero degree sleeping bags and a few air mattresses for my wife and I. They keep us very warm even when camping in the winter.

Come back and watch for updates. I’ll be adding links to products that I have already been using for decades to camp deep in the forest where you can’t even drive a vehicle. Eight of us went in by boat 18 miles into literally no man’s land and survived for 9 days. We have the know how to survive there permanently if we have to.

Click here for a list of products.

Why Water Filters?

Why do we need to filter our water? There are many good and obvious reasons. Filtered water does not contain any harmful chemicals such as chlorine, lead or fluoride. These things potentially cause various types of cancer. Water filters save us money that we would have spent on bottled water. Tap water can contain up to 2,100 toxins while clean water has no toxins.

The water we use today contains many pollutants and impurities – bacteria, dust and toxic substances. Many industries put waste water into lakes which is the main cause of water pollution. Because of these problems, it’s difficult to get pure drinking water which is the prerequisite for a healthy life.

Clean water actually makes you look better. Because clean water has no chlorine, it revitalizes skin, makes hair shinier and fingernails stronger.

It also reduces risk of possible birth defects in new born babies. The nitrates found in tap water can have severe consequences in the health of a fetus.

Children who drink clean water are healthier. Keep in mind when you prepare formula for your baby to use clean water to keep your baby safe and healthy.

People who drink clean water have fewer head aches. Since our brain is composed mostly of water you can imagine the benefits when our water is free of toxins.

Food will also taste better because its natural flavors are preserved. Clean water also improves air quality in our homes. There is a lot to be said for getting rid of the vaporized chlorine from tap water.

Drinking a glass of clean water the first thing in the morning works wonders and also improves your digestive system.

Not all filters clean water good enough so these are links to some of the best ones.

Click here to learn more

Preparing For The End Times

About a year before Covid hit, the Holy Spirit showed me to begin stocking up. I began buying extra food, specifically dry foods. I also have some freeze dried foods as well. Even though I haven’t gotten a great deal of food stockpiled, I have realized that something is better than nothing. So if you are among those people like Joseph in the Bible who stocked foods away for times of shortage, I have ways of doing that I can show you.

You may be aware of some people who put solar panels on their homes and a battery bank that is charged by the solar panels. Some people have enough money to do that, some people don’t. I’m one of the people that don’t. But I have been able to buy some of the Jackery battery banks and some solar panels to charge them, cell phones and other USB devices. I also have small battery banks that has their own solar panels we can carry with us to charge our cell phones. In case you are interested in these things I’ll share some links with you. If you are interested in more possibly I can do a live stream as time allows through YouTube.

I tried a FlashFish first but they are not very good. I have been buying Jackery since then and they are great. I have 3 different ones now and hope to buy more.

Click on this line to find a list of affordable battery banks and solar panels.

Click on this line to find a list of affordable off grid survival products. Even battery operated hair clippers rechargeable with USB.

Please give me feed back on what you are looking for so I can offer you more information.

Web Hosting

This is a full blown web hosting service that you will really like. It’s H U G E and the people are great. We’re talking regular web hosting, VPS or even your own dedicated server. These people have it all. Tell everyone you know about this.

The site is very simple to use.

Freeze Dried Survival Food

Freeze Dried Meat

You’ll want to get these while you can. With food supplies dwindling they are not able to produce as much of these foods. I’ve been buying as much as I can myself. I’ll get more up as soon as I can. I even bought the freeze dried Heavy Cream and I use it in my coffee. I simply mix it in my little Bullet blender with some water and it works great.

Click this if you want to order the Heavy Cream now.

Isotonic Supplements

OPC is the best antioxidant in the world. I have been taking OPC for may years. I am currently 67 years old and I do not have cataracts. My eye doctor told me last year when I had an eye test I don’t have cataracts and that antioxidants prevent cataracts.

Health, Wellness & Snacks

Please bear with us as we update.

Product Considerations

Benefits of Sea Salt and Pink Himalayan Salt

Do not use iodized table salt, it has MSG.

Copper Cup Benefits

Trouble Sleeping? Try These 5 Best Essential Oils for Sleep