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January 2022
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Preparing For The End Times

About a year before Covid hit, the Holy Spirit showed me to begin stocking up. I began buying extra food, specifically dry foods. I also have some freeze dried foods as well. Even though I haven’t gotten a great deal of food stockpiled, I have realized that something is better than nothing. So if you are among those people like Joseph in the Bible who stocked foods away for times of shortage, I have ways of doing that I can show you.

You may be aware of some people who put solar panels on their homes and a battery bank that is charged by the solar panels. Some people have enough money to do that, some people don’t. I’m one of the people that don’t. But I have been able to buy some of the Jackery battery banks and some solar panels to charge them, cell phones and other USB devices. I also have small battery banks that has their own solar panels we can carry with us to charge our cell phones. In case you are interested in these things I’ll share some links with you. If you are interested in more possibly I can do a live stream as time allows through YouTube.

I tried a FlashFish first but they are not very good. I have been buying Jackery since then and they are great. I have 3 different ones now and hope to buy more.

Click on this line to find a list of affordable battery banks and solar panels.

Click on this line to find a list of affordable off grid survival products. Even battery operated hair clippers rechargeable with USB.

Please give me feed back on what you are looking for so I can offer you more information.

Web Hosting

This is a full blown web hosting service that you will really like. It’s H U G E and the people are great. We’re talking regular web hosting, VPS or even your own dedicated server. These people have it all. Tell everyone you know about this.

The site is very simple to use.

Freeze Dried Survival Food

Freeze Dried Meat

You’ll want to get these while you can. With food supplies dwindling they are not able to produce as much of these foods. I’ve been buying as much as I can myself. I’ll get more up as soon as I can. I even bought the freeze dried Heavy Cream and I use it in my coffee. I simply mix it in my little Bullet blender with some water and it works great.

Click this if you want to order the Heavy Cream now.

Isotonic Supplements

OPC is the best antioxidant in the world. I have been taking OPC for may years. I am currently 64 years old and I do not have cataracts. My eye doctor told me last year when I had an eye test I don’t have cataracts and that antioxidants prevent cataracts.

Health, Wellness & Snacks

Please bear with us as we update.

Product Considerations

Benefits of Sea Salt and Pink Himalayan Salt

Do not use iodized table salt, it has MSG.

Copper Cup Benefits

Trouble Sleeping? Try These 5 Best Essential Oils for Sleep

The Stunning 70-Year-Old Who Looks 40 Advocates Going Sugar-Free

Carolyn Hartz from Perth, Australia

New Members Only Area

I am working on a new members only area for seriously conscious people who want to know more about the deeper side of health. Here you will be able to contact me directly to ask more questions. Also share information between each other. It will be a fully interactive area that allows member to member communication so we can all learn more about good nutrition and more.

This will be huge and offer a platform much like a social networking site that will allow members to send private messages between each other. Also add other members to your friends list and more.

We are working to offer you the best experience we can and to open paths that help us all to learn more and live longer. I value everyone who visits this site and want to add more to benefit all of us. I registered 3 domain names for this site and two of them have not been used yet, so there is more to come. I would love to hear your ideas and know what things you need to help improve your diet.

We started off with a lot of hits to this site and we hit the ground running the first day the domain was up. I began writing feverishly to get enough on the site so that people could at least begin gaining from my lifestyle and insight. I am continually committed to learning and sharing more and hoping others will have that vision as well. We have been blinded so long with all the poisons that have been put into our foods but we are also learning more and becoming smarter. We live in a polluted world unfortunately and so it’s becoming increasingly important to educate ourselves so we can avoid the toxins that have affected us in the past.

I’m looking forward to more. I am a senior, 61 years young at the time of this post and am looking forward to a long and healthy life.