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April 2024
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Food Truths

Many of us have grown up basing our judgement about what we put into our mouths and bodies according to what tastes good. But many of the things we eat not only are destroying our health, but they are not even food and in many cases actually lead us to an early grave. We are here to share our knowledge and resources that will help promote good health and a clean diet. Some of this information might be shocking, but only because we have received inaccurate information in the past, believing it is all good.

As time passes we are learning far more than we knew in the past. Even things we eat that are actual food can contain poisons and promote sickness and disease. Mostly because they have not been grown correctly and produced as rapidly as possible all for the purpose of enabling farmers and produces to earn more money. Although the methods used by many may save us money, we are throwing away good health and many find themselves in an early grave because of it.

Life is already too short at it’s best. So why throw it away all in the name of keeping more money. Will all that money you save be worth anything when your life is over? We certainly don’t think so and we hold to the understand that people are worth more than money or anything else in this world. You are valuable, far more valuable than anything in this world. It’s important that you understand this and take on a new perspective that will help you not only improve your health, but the way you view yourself. Good health not only will make you feel better, it will also improve your quality of life and continue to bring you energy even when you become a senior.