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April 2024
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Dining With Stoneware

One of the things I personally enjoy is my Pfaltzgraff stoneware. My plates, bowls, cups and other large serving bowls and things are all stoneware. The beauty of stoneware is that sometimes I use my dinner plate to cook my food on. It heats evenly and retains the heat so my meal doesn’t get cold soon. It not only saves time, but there are fewer things to wash afterwards. I’ve had them for almost 30 years now and they have held up extremely well. Unlike cheaper types of dinner ware that crack easy or just don’t hold up, I am convinced that if handled and cared for properly, stoneware is something you can pass onto your children.

Stoneware produces exceptionally crisp crusts and moist interiors, promotes even baking and browning, and roasts foods to perfection. Stoneware is oven safe, but still needs to be handled with care. Stoneware is toxin free. So long as you double-check that the stoneware you are buying is made with lead-free clay, stoneware can be safely used without worrying about what is leaching at high temperatures or what little flecks of chemical coating are making their way onto your food.

One of the nice things about the stoneware serving bowls is when I take them out of the oven, the bowl remains hot and keeps the food warm when I entertain guests. Depending on what I am having I may even use several bowls in the oven and they clean up quite easy. It is heavy-duty, will last forever, and is easier to use than you think. When purchased from a reputable manufacturer, stoneware will come with a warranty (3 years is a common guarantee). If cared for well, it could possibly last until the tables turn and your children (or grandchildren!) begin to cook for you!