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January 2022
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Back Packing and Bug Out needs

In this series I am going to teach you deep woods wilderness survival.

I’ve lived in a back packing tent in 20 degree weather very comfortably. I can show you how. In fact, a back packing tent is easy to heat because it is small. With two people you might want something just a little bigger. The key is, Less is Best. You want to live small. The bigger you go the harder it is to supply enough wood to stay warm.

I’m going to share the things you need to live out of a back pack. At least as kitchen needs and such things. You may need something else to to put the tent, a warm sleeping bag and insulated ground cover such as a foam mat or even an air mattress. To stay warm in a tent in the winter you want your body to be elevated above the ground. If you lay directly on the ground with only a sheet of plastic or something similar the cold will transfer to your body very quickly.

I have two zero degree sleeping bags and a few air mattresses for my wife and I. They keep us very warm even when camping in the winter.

Come back and watch for updates. I’ll be adding links to products that I have already been using for decades to camp deep in the forest where you can’t even drive a vehicle. Eight of us went in by boat 18 miles into literally no man’s land and survived for 9 days. We have the know how to survive there permanently if we have to.

Click here for a list of products.