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May 2024
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Home Grown

There are many benefits to growing your own food. Typically, because of the time it takes food to be delivered to the stores, farmers have to pick food too early. Which means it is not as high in nutrients as it should be. Granted, you won’t die from it, but nonetheless it is lacking. Usually you can’t use the seeds from it either to grow your own food because they are not mature enough. Even if the food is organic. However, organic foods are usually your best option when shopping as long as they are also foods fit for human consumption. We discuss these things in other areas of the site.

When growing your own food it can be grown until fully ripe thereby gaining the greatest nutritional value. Also, in many cases, such as green bell peppers, you can leave some of them unpicked so that they dry. Seeds from these are the best and will provide you the best success when you plant more food from these seeds. You may have to start off buying organic seeds at the store, but they are fairly inexpensive. Once you grow food of your own you can then gain enough of your own seeds. Keep in mind they have to be dried before they can be planted to grow more food.

Be sure to use organic soil especially if you are growing in pots indoors. Plant in large pots that hold a lot of dirt and make sure your plants have a LOT of sunshine. Plants have a hard time growing in only a small amount of soil. Also make sure you use fertilizer, plants have to eat too.

Whether you are growing indoors or outdoors you can start your growing season early. Once it is warm enough outdoors you can transplant so you have a longer growing season. I have even grown vegetables right in front of a window in the northern part of the USA that has a southern exposure and they grow quite fine as long as they are planted in a large pot and are fertilized. Green bell peppers work the best as well as vegetables that pretty much grow straight up. I recommend not planting things like cucumbers indoors in a limited space however since they need a lot of room to crawl and climb.