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April 2024
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Preparing For The End Times

About a year before Covid hit, the Holy Spirit showed me to begin stocking up. I began buying extra food, specifically dry foods. I also have some freeze dried foods as well. Even though I haven’t gotten a great deal of food stockpiled, I have realized that something is better than nothing. So if you […]

Web Hosting

This is a full blown web hosting service that you will really like. It’s H U G E and the people are great. We’re talking regular web hosting, VPS or even your own dedicated server. These people have it all. Tell everyone you know about this.

The site is very simple to use.


Freeze Dried Survival Food

Freeze Dried Meat

You’ll want to get these while you can. With food supplies dwindling they are not able to produce as much of these foods. I’ve been buying as much as I can myself. I’ll get more up as soon as I can. I even bought the freeze dried Heavy Cream and I […]

Health, Wellness & Snacks

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Product Considerations

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Benefits of Sea Salt and Pink Himalayan Salt

Do not use iodized table salt, it has MSG.

Copper Cup Benefits

Trouble Sleeping? Try These 5 Best Essential Oils for Sleep

The Stunning 70-Year-Old Who Looks 40 Advocates Going Sugar-Free

Carolyn Hartz from Perth, Australia

New Members Only Area

I am working on a new members only area for seriously conscious people who want to know more about the deeper side of health. Here you will be able to contact me directly to ask more questions. Also share information between each other. It will be a fully interactive area that allows member to member […]