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October 2023
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The Stunning 70-Year-Old Who Looks 40 Advocates Going Sugar-Free

Carolyn Hartz from Perth, Australia

New Members Only Area

I am working on a new members only area for seriously conscious people who want to know more about the deeper side of health. Here you will be able to contact me directly to ask more questions. Also share information between each other. It will be a fully interactive area that allows member to member communication so we can all learn more about good nutrition and more.

This will be huge and offer a platform much like a social networking site that will allow members to send private messages between each other. Also add other members to your friends list and more.

We are working to offer you the best experience we can and to open paths that help us all to learn more and live longer. I value everyone who visits this site and want to add more to benefit all of us. I registered 3 domain names for this site and two of them have not been used yet, so there is more to come. I would love to hear your ideas and know what things you need to help improve your diet.

We started off with a lot of hits to this site and we hit the ground running the first day the domain was up. I began writing feverishly to get enough on the site so that people could at least begin gaining from my lifestyle and insight. I am continually committed to learning and sharing more and hoping others will have that vision as well. We have been blinded so long with all the poisons that have been put into our foods but we are also learning more and becoming smarter. We live in a polluted world unfortunately and so it’s becoming increasingly important to educate ourselves so we can avoid the toxins that have affected us in the past.

I’m looking forward to more. I am a senior, 61 years young at the time of this post and am looking forward to a long and healthy life.

Everything Healthy

We are working on sharing all we can to help you enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Including the best pans to cook in, best way to cook and gain the most from what you put into your body. We are hit the ground running on our first day and hope to continue in the same stride. We are working feverishly to bring anything and everything we can to you not just about food, but everything related to help you prepare your food properly and even store it properly.

There are times we find ourselves in a power outage running low on food, or during a severe winter snow storm and even if we can get to the store, there isn’t much there because the trucks can’t get through to deliver what we need. We’ll show you how to find inexpensive dried and canned foods you can store safely for long periods of time to sustain you.

Preparedness is valuable in itself. Especially if we have a family we need to feed. Even on a tight budget, there is a certain amount we can do. Even if we buy a little more each week, over the course of a year it adds up to a lot and can sustain us when we are faced with either a storm that keeps us home bound, or a layoff from work. In this every changing world of ours, a certain amount of provision stored away can many times carry us through.