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Work at home success

We have all the learning materials, and the marketing aids to help you build a home based business. We even provide the plan. However, you will need to be activate to make this work. You need to login every day in order to move forward and discovered success. When we become inactive our business will die.

So what this means is that in order or all of us to effectively recruit and train people to follow us our job is to know what to do ourselves.

Your success is built on you referring members that make purchases. The following are 3 things I do every month, and if you want to earn money here, I would hope that you would do the same things.

The first thing to do is set up an auto-delivery purchase (AD) of 125 TCredits.

You receive 1500 Versa Points and 32 Rewardical Tokens. Plus you get the rank of Executive Affiliate (EA). You will also get 10 affiliates on your team called Co-Sponsored Affiliates (CSAs) from whom you can earn income. You will earn commissions from Executive Pool for the VP you have received. Plus, and this is very important: your commissions at the affiliate level are 25%. At the EA rank, they jump to 50%. This is a very important reason why you need to reach EA rank. It means more money from your referrals who purchase. And there are other benefits as well.

You should setup this AD on the first of the month so you can get the EA badge and 10 CSA’s as soon as possible.

Second, spend those TCredits every single day; 4 TCredits to be exact. 1 on an Eager Zebra game like Card King or Cyrstal Ball. This will turn your EZ tab on your home page green. And spend 3 TCredits on 3 Astro Auctions – 1 for each of them. Every auction you enter will win you some constellation prizes. You are guaranteed some Rewardical Tokens, plus there are other prizes you can win. This will turn the Auction tab green on your home page.

Thirdly, refer or recruit members to your team. Teach them to do these 3 steps.

You make money by building a team of affiliates that do these 3 steps. You earn direct commissions (DC) on your first level of referrals. We call them PSA’s.

1 PSA who makes a purchase of 125 TCredits earns you $8.83. 2 PSA’s who make a purchase earns you $17.66. (This is at the 50% commission rate; if you are only an affiliate rank, those commissions are cut in half.) So you can see how becoming an executive affiliate and recruiting other executive Affiliates can grow. We don’t have to become a team leader right away spending our own money. As we build our team as an executive affiliate we will eventually become team leader automatically because of what we learn from our downline or psa’s and csas.

SFI is not a forced matrix, so we can have as many PSA’s as we want.

The Diamond Plan shows you how you can increase your rank to Team Leader. So when you later become team leader you get access to Matching VP from the Executive Pool. Meaning if you get to Bronze Team Leader (BTL) you also get paid on any VP your PSA’s and CSA’s have earned, provided they have reached EA themselves.

And, you can get paid on VP earned by affiliates going down from level 2 right through to level 12. All of those affiliates on those levels are called Non-Sponsored Affiliates (NSA).

Each higher rank gets you more levels down and therefore more NSA on whom you can earn from.

If every person who joined SFI would make a commitment to these 3 steps, they would make money in SFI. One of the keys is to have repeat customers. So, the idea to purchase this AD every month is ideal to getting repeat customers.

Without sales, the network marketing company… in fact, any company will die.

If you are serious about your business, make this simple commitment. It may not be possible right now, but work towards it.

This is the 3 Step Diamond Plan.

1. Purchase an AD of 125 TCredits on the first of every month.

2. Spend 4 TCredits every day – 1 on an Eager Zebra game, and 3 in 3 different Astro Auctions.

3. Advertise to recruit PSA’s and NSA’s to your team.
Once you start building a team, you can start increasing your rank to increase your income. Don’t feel forced or pressed to become a team leader right away on your own money. That will come in time without having to overspend.
And please read your Launchpad training guide. It has all the information you need to learn the SFI program. Click the Rocket Ship at the top of your SFI Home Page to get to Launchpad.

Refer back to this article any time you need to. It will help guide you every month. Once you have registered, we will send an email to help get you started. It’s free to join and you don’t spend money until you want to.

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