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February 2020
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Marketing is a tricky business no doubt. I have worked in marketing either full time or part time over the course of my adult life. It takes strong perseverance and determination. But did you know that if you understand it well enough, the barriers that hold you back are the ones in your mind. Because when you realize the unlimited potential and how to allow your mind to expand to get there, you will then discover the freedom that allows an Eagle to fly higher than any other bird on the planet. Although I have worked a regular job most of my life, when I was a young guy I took on a position in my early 20’s as an independent sales associate. Mind you, we didn’t have that term back then, we didn’t have many terms in fact. 🙂 The first month in the business I sold nothing. And the funny thing was there was a contest going on and if you were fortunate enough to win it, you had to push hard for 3 months and even if you hit the quota, there was no guarantee you would make it. It was an all expense paid trip to Santo Domingo in the Carribean. So now, here’s the logistics. I got into the business not in the beginning of the contest, but after one month had passed. My first month in it was the second month of the contest. *YIKES* I had one month to sell a certain number of units if I were to make this trip. A dream trip right? One that would take me into a tropical climate in the middle of winter and away from the USA. I had never had anything like that! I had one month to do what had to be done in 3 months. *FAINT* Could you do it? I didn’t even know if I could.

Well, here is the sad news. I had to sell I think it was 30 units. Here is the hard news, I failed. I sold 29. I went home, I was a young guy, 23 yrs old,heart broken, perplexed and not knowing which way to turn. I did a lot of thinking over the last weekend I had before everything was finalized. Here’s the tricky part, just because you sold 30 units didn’t mean you would make the trip. How does that grap you? NO certain terms. They took the top sales associated from this region for the trip, you had to sell 30 units just to quality! Yeah, wrap that one around your thinking. I sold 29. I was floored, I had worked my tail off, even developed my own sales strategy because the one they taught us was not working FOR ME. Finally it kicked in, in my second month in the business and I sold absolutely nothing in the first month. (I don’t even recall how I bought enough food that first month, but young guys figure out a lot)

That trip meant the world to me. Would it mean something to you also? I mean, how many guys who are 23 yrs old can think about diving into a pool in the Caribbean and swimming across to get to the bar? Now, I’m not a drunk, but a drink or two now and then you have to admit is nice, right? I mean, the trip was coming up in February. Let me fill you in a bit before I go on too long. This trip was in 1978 by the way. So you know that February in the north eastern US gets very frigid. Fortunately my memory is still good. Those in this region might remember the blizzard of ’77 (1977) that paralyzed all of us. My dad was in Aruba during that blizzard. He brought a T-shirt back for me and it had ARUBA on the front of it. LOL I hadn’t been there, but do you know how many people made attacking comments when they saw me with that T-shirt on? Lots, they were jealous right?

Now let me fill you in on a bit more. Another blizzard hit the northeast in 1978 during the month of February, much like it did the year before. Granted it was not as extreme, but neither has it been totally forgotten. Do you know where I was during that blizzard even though I only sold 29 units? If I told you I was still here in the northeastern US wishing I was there, would it sound like I was a success or a failure? If I was a failure would it mean I would be that for my whole life? If I told you I was in Santo Domingo would you love me or hate me? You see, the choice lies within yourself to make choices that work FOR YOU. I know that if I did not make that trip, I would still be a success because within one month I did almost what many people did in three months. So even if you do not achieve what you want here initially, you can still achieve it at a later time.

Okay, I’ve been holding off in revealing all. So I’m getting there. Where I was at that point has nothing to do with YOUR life. This is what I want you to understand. Even if you fail multiple times, it only means you have experienced a well meaning education. Einstein went through this, but I will spare you that story for another time.

Here is the truth, I made that 30th sale and I was sitting in Santo Domingo when the blizzard hit the north east in 1978. In fact, it got so bad a 5 day trip turned into a longer trip. The airlines could not fly us back and we were stuck in the Carribean! Could you deal with that? 🙂 I personally had no problem with is.

You might be wondering who bought that 30th unit that qualified me for the trip. The thing is, the answer isn’t even amazing or spine tingling. It’s just down to earth and even though I was no expert, my limited brain function figured it out. The 30th customer was ME! You do the math, do you think that after selling 29 units I might have had enough money to become my 30th customer?? And not only that, when I walked into the Factory distributors office and talked for a long spell, I got that unit for half price.

Use your imagination people. You have a brain, God put it there for a reason. 🙂 I was my 30th customer, the icing on the cake.

Become your own customer, it’s the slice of life that may just get you over the top! Be the result of your product. Believe in what you do, and you can believe in yourself.

To discover what you can do and finding your potential, I invite you to connect to me at [ ] and discover what is inside you to realize a future full of possibilities.