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November 2021
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Wine Reviews

This is my post just as I shared it on Facebook after someone replied to a post after I first tried PORT wine for the first time in my life. I’m 61 and not highly experienced in alcohol and neither should you be. But there are some benefits to red wine as I will share in other posts and videos.

In the past I had read about the health benefits of red wine. Not just wine, but red wine specifically. And though in my younger years I was not a wine drinker for some reason I decided to seek out information pertaining to the fruit of the vine. So now for a few years I have been drinking some wine, usually Mogen David or sometimes Manischewitz which both are kosher for passover, but Mogen David being less costly and actually tasting a bit better has been my preference and what I share where ever I am invited for Passover or other dinners. And I don’t take a small bottle by the way because I realize how just a few people will enjoy this wine and even the larger 3 liter bottles will be consumed quickly. So because of the lower alcohol content of the Mogen David wine it is fitting for every occasion. Well, I recently began exploring other wines, because even though I am 61 I am still very naive concerning alcoholic beverages. Which is good I think.

Recently I was reading about Port wine. And even though it is not kosher, neither is it wrong to drink. So I decided to look into it. As I was in the store tonight to pick up a bottle of Mogen David red wine, I hadn’t actually thought about the Port wine, but it was in the same isle and after I picked up a bottle of Mogen David I caught it out the corner of my eye and so I stopped to look at it. After reading the label a bit, it was clear to me that the bottle I was holding is a red wine also. It also became clear to me that the TAYLOR Port wine had 18% alcohol. So, I immediately reviewed the price (higher alcohol content should not be your decision maker), which was not a lot more in comparison to the Mogen David, so I put the Mogen David back and chose the Port wine this time because even without pulling a calculator our, I realized that the port wine would last longer, and mainly because I choose not to be a drunkard even though I do like to enjoy the effects of wine to a degree.

Now, this is not a wine I would take to Passover, but is indeed a wine I will buy again and drink here in the comfort of my own home. As the label shows, it is 18% alcohol which told me I could drink less, and in fact I did. So even though the price tag was a bit more, I drank much less in fact. I don’t wish to be a drunkard, but I do enjoy some wine from time to time. However, on Passover if everyone does want wine, it will be Mogen David or Manischewitz because both are trusted for that purpose and are kosher.

Even as a senior I am no where an expert in wine or alcoholic beverages. But I have begun to understand the benefits of red wine. Mostly as I was a shop consultant for an international marketing concern that offered healthy isotonic supplements. These type of supplements are covered in another article, just chewgle “isotonic” in our search field. Anything you need to know, just chewgle it!