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March 2018
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Everything Healthy

We are working on sharing all we can to help you enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Including the best pans to cook in, best way to cook and gain the most from what you put into your body. We are hit the ground running on our first day and hope to continue in the same stride. We are working feverishly to bring anything and everything we can to you not just about food, but everything related to help you prepare your food properly and even store it properly.

There are times we find ourselves in a power outage running low on food, or during a severe winter snow storm and even if we can get to the store, there isn’t much there because the trucks can’t get through to deliver what we need. We’ll show you how to find inexpensive dried and canned foods you can store safely for long periods of time to sustain you.

Preparedness is valuable in itself. Especially if we have a family we need to feed. Even on a tight budget, there is a certain amount we can do. Even if we buy a little more each week, over the course of a year it adds up to a lot and can sustain us when we are faced with either a storm that keeps us home bound, or a layoff from work. In this every changing world of ours, a certain amount of provision stored away can many times carry us through.